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Top Insults Trump used on His Twitter

Top Insults Trump used on His Twitter

Collins, E. (2016, September 21). Top 5 insults Donald Trump has used on Twitter. Retrieved from

This article by Eliza Collins is about the presumed top 5 insults President Donald trump has issued on twitter from the Trump twitter archive. The article focuses on the keywords like “dummy” and “stupid” used in the offensive tweets. These offensive words express the tone and sentiment Donald trump wants to express to his followers. However, the tweets do not include offensive words and statements only, but are accompanied by lingo and exclamation points. In the sampled tweets, the lingo that is evident is the exclamation point and mentions. President trump seems to be well informed on both. In these tweets, the lingo and exclamation point is meant to carry out two main functions. Direct an insult to someone for instance “very dumb @morningmika” and sentiment on specific points and people like “you were born “stupid!”

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