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Triller Users Rise from 13M to 63M MAU After Trumps Talks Up

Triller Users Rise from 13M to 63M  MAU After Trumps Talks Up  

Dodds, I. (2020, sept 14). Donald Trump talks up Triller as US answer to TikTok. The Telegraph:  
The author of this article explains that TikTok has had the highest number of users especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the recent security concerns and the company’s allegiance to the Chinese communist party made Donald Trump to announce the possible ban in the United States. In a short video clip, Donald Trump’s son was seen using TikTok. However these allegations were dismissed by Donald Trump Junior. Donald Trump Himself promoted Triller saying that it is well-suited for use than TikTok. He went ahead to create an account on Triller which has attracted more than 60 million views. Initially Triller was struggling regardless of the investment and celebrity endorsement. However, after Trump’s announcement, the number of users increased from 13 to 63 million monthly active users. Triller has been linked to other companies which had interests in purchase the company. However, no formal communication has been made so far. The US part of TikTok cannot be sold since the Chinese government is among the key decision makers and could not allow the transfer of TikTok algorithm. Triller is raising more funds that would help it increase its popularity in the digital space.  

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