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Trolls Swamp Trump New Social Media, TRUTH

Trolls Swamp Trump New Social Media, TRUTH

Binder, M. (2021, October 21). Trolls swamped Trump's new social network 'TRUTH' before it even launched. Mashable.

According to this article, trolls swamped Trump's new social media, TRUTH Social before it was launched. The author says that Trump has finally announced his long-rumored solution to the social media censorship, which is his very own social media platform. The social media is set to launch next year, but through a press release from Trump, a beta version of the platform will be available by November. Some “few enterprising internet sleuths” decided not to wait for the launch date and rather started trolling Trump the very same day of the press release. A sign-up link started going round and being a very new platform, those who joined enjoyed the liberty of picking any username. Among the domains taken were those that Donald Trump would pick for his own account like @DonaldJTrump, @DonaldTrump, and @realDonaldTrump were within no time. Other usernames that those who signed up went for include one for the former Vice president @MikePence and @CodeMonkeyz a handle used by QAnon head Ron Watkins. Those who signed up took the conversation to Twitter sharing screenshots of their handles and posts already shared on TRUTH Social platform most of which were making fun of Trump, the platform owner. Twitter CEO was not left out of the conversation and he tweeted “I guess @jack” is taken” meaning that someone already registered an account on TRUTH with the username he would prefer using on the platform. However, the image of the platform Dorsey shared was a screenshot of a promo of the new platform and the reality is that that username, @jack was not taken yet at the moment of the tweet, but when the trolls noticed that now went ahead and registered it. This went further as the trolls shared a screenshot of a conversation between the @donaldjtrump and @jack accounts. Someone with Trump Media & Technology Group realized what was happening and the domain, was shut down immediately and all created accounts created were removed.  

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