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Trump After Presidency

Trump After Presidency

Orr, G. (2021, April 28). 'Not an easy transition': Inside Trump's unconventional first months out of office. CNN.

According to CNN, Trump usually skips Monday and Tuesday golf to exchange opinions with his aides. Their meetings have been to determine which Republican candidate they can meet with at his office and whether they deserve his support. Trump also asks about his PAC and political operation updates or chat for long hours on his phone with old friends.  

CNN says that Trump’s post-White House retirement is far from conventional and his “first 100 days out of office illustrate a man who has preferred plotting the next chapter of his political career to planning his presidential library, recruiting MAGA-aligned Republican primary challengers to writing a post-presidential memoir.” That other former presidents are said to have disengaged from politics for months but Trump has continued with the same political warfare that defined his presidency. Newsmax CEO and longtime Trump pal Chris Ruddy said that "He didn't play by the rules as President and he's certainly not going to as an ex-President." CNN states that some of Trump aides who spoke to them say that Trump is still bitter about his defeat in the 2020 election, has nevertheless come to enjoy his status as a GOP kingmaker while others stated that Trump is yearning to return to the White House and his efforts to build a post-presidential political machine are principally aimed at supporting that goal.

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