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Trump and Immigration Policies

Trump and Immigration Policies

Baker. P & Shear. D.S. (2019 Aug 4). El Paso Shooting Suspect’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Language. The New York Times:

The author of this article reports that the El Paso attacks are based on the similar sentiments as those in Trump’s comments about the Mexican Immigrants. Trump, a strong oppose to the Mexican immigration called this state an “invasion”. The gunman had similar ideas and sought the violent way of responding to the increasing number of Mexicans crossing the border to the United States. The article also points out that Donald Trump’s approach to the matter does not unify the country especially when such cases can be associated with his comments on an issue of national interest. While Trump called upon both democrats and republicans to come up with proper immigration policies, his critics are already dissatisfied with Trumps way of leadership which is believed to promote extremism. A similar trend can be traced into an era when some leaders rose to leadership through raising fear in the minority communities across the country. Trump has also been quoted questioning President Obama’s place of birth. Trump was frequently used these views when politicking. He even went ahead to use terms such as “aliens” to refer to people from other countries. Leaders have called this vice a threat to the country and should be stopped.  

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