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Trump and the Politics of Debasement

Trump and the Politics of Debasement  

Ott, B. L. (2017). The age of Twitter: Donald J. Trump and the politics of debasement. Retrieved from

This article explores how Twitter causes its users to change their public discourse. Twitter was meant to be a platform where users share their thoughts and opinions, but as time has elapsed, the platform has evolved into a place where the media focuses their insights on. Donald Trump is one individual who has been using Twitter to pass along his message to his followers and the general public, however, Twitter privileges discourse are simple, impulsive, and uncivil.” It therefore, follows that the effect brought about by the three discourse has been through Trump’s tweets because he finds it as the simplest way to get a direct reaction from the public unlike when the media is used. Trump posts some truth and news on his Twitter feed as the politics have changed in his perspective to insult, attack, of troll his opponents. Additionally, his mind-set is such that he can condemn other users.

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