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Trump Banned from Twitch Indefinitely

Trump Banned from Twitch Indefinitely

Peters, J. (2021 Jan 7). Twitch diables Trump’s account indefinitely. The Verge:  
The author of this article reports that Twitch disabled Donald Trump’s account indefinitely after he was quoted encouraging a violent riot that led to an attack on the US capital. The author reports that Twitch spokesperson emphasized that the current situation in the United States of America could not allow the platform to allow content or information relating to violence or discrimination to be shared among its users. The company distanced itself from being a part of the tool to be used to incite violence and unrest in the country. As of the time of publishing this article, Twitch had had indicated that it would reassess the status of Trump’s account when he officially leaves office. However, Donald Trump’s account is still “alive” since his videos and the entire profile have been archived. Until the account is retrieved, Trump will not be able to stream content. In June 2020, trump’s Twitch account was temporarily banned for hateful conduct but the ban was lifted after two weeks. Facebook and Twitter had also banned Donald Trump’s account after the January 6 incident.  

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