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Trump Banned Permanently from Twitter

Trump Banned Permanently from Twitter

Fund. B. (2021, Jan 14). Snapchat permanently bans President Trump. CNN:

According to this article, the author reports that president Trump is permanently banned from Snapchat. According to the Snapchat’s spokesperson, banning Donald Trump was in the best interest of the public. The decision was based on Trump’s recent efforts to spread hate speech, incite violence and misinformation. These violations are against the user guidelines of Snapchat and based on Trump’s content, his account was supposed to be banned. The author further reports that social media companies in the US have been working on eliminating or limiting the spread of inflammatory information and monitoring of user accounts during the election and US capital riots. The riots were aimed were held a week to the inauguration of the US president-elect Joe Biden. Facebook had also threatened to ban Donald Trump from posting indefinitely. Twitter, trump’s most preferred platform had already permanently suspended his account.  At the time of publishing this article, the author reports that YouTube had also indicated that it is going to ban Donald Trump’s YouTube account.  

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