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Trump Built an Online Reputation for Himself Through Tweets

Trump Built an Online Reputation for Himself Through Tweets

Folkenflik, D. (2018, April 7). Analysis: In Trump's Twitter feed, a tale of sound and fury. Retrieved from

This article attempts to explain Trump’s social media behavior and its impact on the American people. Donald Trump has undoubtedly demonstrated strong affinity to using Twitter since he joined the social media world in 2009. Even before he became the 45th president of America, Trump had already built an online reputation for himself. His online presence has been lauded by most of his followers who consider him to be humorous, sincere and refreshing. On the same vein, his critics are often casting aspersions on his ability to lead the country and to become a positive role model to his supporters. For instance, his behavior of making major national announcements, such as hiring and firing of government officials, on Twitter has been termed as ‘unpresidential.’ However, Folkenflik notes that Trump’s dominating presence on Twitter has increased a lot of transparency in his administration. Unlike in the Obama administration, where most Americans had no idea of what was going on in the Whitehouse, Trump’s regime embraces honesty and transparency by exposing mistakes and engaging with Americans via Twitter.  

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