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Trump Can't Block Twitter Users

Trump Can't Block Twitter Users

Coble, C. (2018, March 23). Federal Judge says Trump can't block Twitter users. Retrieved from

In this article, Coble explains why Donald Trump cannot block American Twitter users. When it comes to the usage of Twitter, Trump is indeed a champion like no other given that he is uses his own account to pursue both personal and state affairs. Consequently, his Twitter account can sometimes be flooded by unsolicited random tweets. Coble notes that the president does not have the privilege to block users whom he finds bothersome. According to a particular federal judge ruling, Trump cannot block Twitter users from seeing and replying to his posts on his account since he would be violating their First Amendment rights. Granted that Trump’s tweets have been used in more than one occasion to make official presidential announcements, he is not allowed by law to prevent any American from interacting with his account. This article suggests that the president’s obligation to his country supersedes his personal interests.

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