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Trump Card for His Strongest Supporters

Trump Card for His Strongest Supporters

Wilson, S. (2021, August 5). How the Donald Trump card compares to Third Reich eagle – Twitter in meltdown! HITC.

This article is addressing the recent introduction of Trump card, which were to be reserved for Trump’s strongest supporters. Early August, Trump sent an email to his supporters requiring that his top supporters get the card and in turn donate at least £35 to towards the political action committee. Twitter users responded on this matter. The users gave opinions on the design of the card and the design as well. Some likened the eagle design to Third Reich eagle, a design related to the Nazi. According to them, the Third Reich eagle became a symbol of Nazi power and now the Trump card represents the strength and freedom of America. According to the article, Trump’s idea of the cards was to single out his strongest supporters. The £35 was meant to support the political action committee.  

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