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Trump Congratulates Nigeria for Banning Twitter

Trump Congratulates Nigeria for Banning Twitter

Solender, A. (2021, June 8). Trump Urges Countries to Ban Twitter and Facebook – Says ‘Perhaps’ He Should Have Done It. Forbes.

This article addresses Trump’s call for countries to ban Twitter and Facebook, the two platforms that kicked him off their platform. In a statement he sent on June 8, Trump congratulated Nigeria for banning Twitter and added that more countries should ban Twitter and Facebook for interfering with free and open speech. Trump felt that Nigeria did great banning Twitter from their country and urged other countries to do the same. He added that he could have shut down the platforms during his term were it not for mark Zuckerberg who reached out to him. He said that Facebook CEO kept calling and coming to the White House to plead with him not to ban the platforms. Trump is reported to have been in a bad relationship with Twitter, and it only got worse after he was banned from the platform. The authors state that trump spent much of 2020 trying to close TikTok, a Chinese-owned social media, but the effort was blocked by federal judges. So, trying to ban a U.S based company would have been even tougher. Meaning it was nearly impossible to ban Twitter during his time as president.

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