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Trump did Not Turn to Gab after Twitter Ban

Trump did Not Turn to Gab after Twitter Ban

Ankel, S., & Vlamis, K. (2021, February 6). Gab's CEO says Trump doesn't use the platform, after reports wrongly suggest he returned to social media. Business Insider Africa.

This article addresses Trump’s move after ban from major social media platforms. The author says that Trump did not turn to Gab after he was banned from Twitter as many people speculated. Some media outlets incorrectly reported that Trump joined gab but the social platforms CEO, Andrew Torba confirmed the Trump does not use his platform. The author says that some media outlets including Insider reported that Trump was on Gab, but it was confirmed that the @realDonaldTrump account on Gab was a mirror archive of Trump’s tweets and statements that the company has run for years. Some reports have also said that Trump out of frustrations after being barred from Twitter has been writing down insults and is trying to post them from his aide’s accounts.  

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