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Trump Expresses His Sentiments Without Holding Back

Trump Expresses His Sentiments Without Holding Back

Parker, R. (2017, July 2). 20 Outrageous old Trump Tweets that surprisingly have not been deleted. Retrieved from

Parker’s article provides a list of some of the most shocking tweets by Donald Trump before he became the president of the United States. Trump is renowned for his persistent presence in the social media websites, especially in his use of Twitter. In fact, one would easily make the presumption that he may be more enthralled with Twitter as opposed to his riches. Since joining the social media website in 2009, Trump has been on record for expressing his sentiments without holding back. Apart from self-promotion, Trump uses Twitter for criticizing and attacking anything that does not seem to please him. For instance, during 2011 and 2012, a good portion of Trump’s posts had a tinge of anger and sarcasm often directed on President Obama. Interestingly, after Trump was elected into office in 2016, some of his old, offensive, and bizzare tweets began to shared regularly through retweets by other online users.

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