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Trump Files a Lawsuit Against Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc., and Alphabet Inc.

Trump Files a Lawsuit Against Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc., and Alphabet Inc.

Lange, J., & Wolfe, J. (2021, July 8). Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and Google, claiming censorship. Reuters.

This article reports that on July 7,2021 Trump filed a lawsuit against Twitter Inc. Facebook Inc, and Alphabet Inc and their executives citing that they are unlawfully trying to silence conservatives. The lawsuits were filed in in U.S District Court in Miami and they allege that the Big Tech companies have violated the right to freedom of speech. According to the authors, Trump is looking for a class action lawsuit, which means he is representing the interests of other users of these social media platforms who feel that their freedom of speech is being violated. In a recent News Conference, Trump stated that this will be a historic victory for American freedom and also for the freedom of speech. The main thing Trump and his team want is to have Section 230 overturned. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has remained to be the backbone of the internet because it offers websites protection from liability over content posted by users. The main issue is that Trump feels that the social media companies have been granted a lot of protection by the Act and it allows them to escape responsibility of their actions. The author mentions that recently, a judge in Florida blocked an enacted state law meant to authorize the state to penalize these companies every time they ban political candidates, but it was unsuccessful. If the judge signed the bill, it would have made Florida the first state to control how social media companies’ moderate online speech.

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