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Trump Fires Official who Said there Was No Election Fraud

Trump Fires Official who Said there Was No Election Fraud

Arkin W. (2021, Nov 16). With a Tweet, Donald Trump Fired the Official Who Stated There Was No Election Fraud. Newsweek:  

This article covers a series of events that led to the violent riots and attack to the capital in January 6. The author summarizes all daily events since the election period back in November 2021. In the article, the author highlights Donald Trump’s tweets such as, “ I won the election!”. Trump further indicates that his opponents had teamed up with some media platforms to ensure he is kept away from victory. The author also highlights the role of other agencies such as Homeland security and department of justice who were involved in the investigations. Some issues such as Russia and Iran’s involvement in the country’s presidential elections. The allegations point out that the two countries were involved in the election outcomes that Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden. It however concluded that these claims were false. Trump went ahead and fired the head of the CISA Christopher Krebs who had confidence in the outcomes of the investigations.  

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