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Trump Has Finally sued Facebook and Twitter for Banning Him

Trump Has Finally sued Facebook and Twitter for Banning Him

Niquette, M., & Nix, N. (2021, July 7). Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and Google over social media bans. Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera.

According to the article, Trump has finally sued Facebook and twitter for banning him from their platform. Trump filed three separate class-action lawsuits in federal court against Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO.  The lawsuit seeks to have the court order the two CEOs restore Trump's accounts on their platforms and pay for punitive damages and make it sure that no one else is banned from the platforms again. Trump said that he wants the big tech to be held accountable. Twitter banned Trump from their platform permanently immediately after the Jan 6 Capitol riots, while Facebook in May said that its suspending Trump from its platform for at least 2 years citing that the accounts will be reinstated in the risk to public safety is lessened. Revoking Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act is a means to overturn a federal law that shields internet companies from liability for posts or content shared by users. The author continues to say that thee First Amendment prevents the government from forcing internet companies to remove some categories of posts shared by users.

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