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Trump Impeachment

BBC. (2019, December 19). Trump impeachment: A very simple guide. BBC News.


In 2019, Donald Trump was impeached for the first time on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He was accused of improperly seeking help from Ukraine to dig dirt or damaging information on a rival political opponent, Joe Biden to increase his chances for winning the 2020 elections, which he pleaded not guilty. Trump became the third president to be impeached after a majority of the House of Representatives voted to impeach him. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter was working for a Ukrainian company when Joe Biden was serving as Vice president and it was claimed that Trump was trying to get damaging information about Joe Biden’s son work with Ukrainians because it would negatively affect Biden’s chances in the upcoming elections. According to the charges, to make sure Ukraine provided the information Trump needed, he dangled two bargaining chips one being withholding $400 million military aid to Ukraine, and also a meeting with the Ukrainian president. The military aid to Ukraine had already been authorized by Congress already.

The only existing evidence against Trump was a rough transcript of the call between trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky, brought forward by a whistle blower who happened to be an intelligence official. Senior officials inthe White House testified and it was revealed that Donald Trump had withheld millions in US military aid and that Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer was responsible for the shadow foreign policy. The funds were to be released after Ukraine launched an investigation on Biden and made it public.

In his defense, Trump said he never withheld the money as a bargaining chip and that his call with the Ukrainian president was perfect. On his Twitter, Trump referred to the inquiry as a ‘witch-hunt’ many times. When the Ukrainian President was asked, he said that he felt no pressure from the calland that Ukraine was not aware that the military aid money was withheld. There was no convincing evidence and also given that the Senate was controlled by Republicans, there was no chance of the second impeachment vote going against Trump in Senate. Ukraine’s $400 military aid was released eventually.


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