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Trump Is Facing Multiple Ordeals

Trump Is Facing Multiple Ordeals  

Pruessen, R. W. (2021, February 23). What's an ex-president to do? Trump and the post-white house lives of his predecessors. The Conversation.

The author states that Trump is facing multiple ordeals such as a second impeachment trial, election loss, and looming loan payments. The author adds that Trump might let everyone know what he is up to and the future of the Republican party during the Conservative Political Action Conference, known as CPAC.  

Former presidents took different roads after office such as going back to the farm, travelling the world, and or furthering studies in philosophy like Adams and Jefferson. The author gives several suggestions on what Trump could embark on after presidency. Trump might be looking for a post-presidency career that is as troubling as his White House years. He adds that Trump could be seeking an escape that Bolivar never found. And that whatever approach he takes after office there is bound to be some of the miasma Garcia Marquez sensed around Bolivar.

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