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Trump is Famous for His Dominating Presence in Twitter

Trump is Famous for His Dominating Presence in Twitter

Goldberg, J. (2017, June 30). Put Down the phone, Mr. President | National Review. Retrieved from

In this article, Goldberg urges President Donald Trump to forget his phone and concentrate on fulfilling his developmental agenda. Trump is famous for his dominating presence in Twitter. Judging from the number of tweets he posts every day from his personal Twitter account, one can easily conclude that he spends a lot of time on the platform. Given that Trump often uses his personal account to make official government statements; it is easy to see why his tweets cannot be ignored by people. Therefore, when the president posts a controversial tweet, such an action may ignite unnecessary debates which often distracts him and his team from pursuing developmental agendas. Additionally, Trump’s controversial tweets give his detractors and critics, particularly the democrats, an extra reason to harden their attitudes towards the president. Goldberg’s article suggests that most people feel that the president is wasting a lot of time being entangled in Twitter feuds and controversial debates, instead of focusing on what really matters for the country.  

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