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Trump Is Far from Losing Influence Over the Republicans

Trump Is Far from Losing Influence Over the Republicans

Smith, D. (2021, May 11). Trump’s grip over Republicans hardens as party cleaves to election ‘big lie’. the Guardian.

According to the author, Trump is far from losing influence over the Republican party, and in fact he is “burrowed far into its DNA so that the two are now all but inseparable.” The author says that state legislatures are using trump’s false election fraud claim to justify a sweep of anti-democratic measures. House representatives from Texas supported a bill to prevent election officials sending voters unsolicited mail-in ballot applications and voted to give poll watchers grater access to voting sites. The authors states that people of color will be discouraged from voting if this happens. Sylvia Albert commented that the Republicans are supporting Trump’s claims and this will create barriers for black and brown voters. Most people expected Trump to fade quietly into retirement but when he set up his office and opened a website, it proved otherwise. Several Republican senators have been reported to have different opinions about Trump after the 2020 elections. Whereas a big number are in his support some feel they need another Republican leader and they showed that by voting to impeach him early 2021. However, their action has had negative impact and there are plans to oust them. Liz Cheney who openly called out the Republican senators telling them they should renounce "cult of personality" will set to be ousted. Trump, although out of office is still popular and powerful as the Republican Party leader.  

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