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Trump is Sentimental and Impulsive on Twitter

Trump is Sentimental and Impulsive on Twitter

Cillizza, C. (2017, January 19). Analysis | Donald Trump has called a surprisingly small number of people a 'low life? on Twitter. Retrieved from

The author, Chris Cillizza focuses on the negative tweets by president trump specifically the number of times president trump has referred to a person or place as ‘low life.’ The author terms the number of times it has happened as “surprisingly small.” Indicating how much president Trump is sentimental and impulsive on twitter. Among the list of people President Trump has addressed as ‘low-life’ is some of his followers. Based on a search in the Trump twitter archive website, president trump has associated the word with 15 people. It is ironic that a small number of insults is surprising from a president.  

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