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Trump is Writing A Book of All Books

Trump is Writing A Book of All Books

Moran, L. (2021, June 12). Trump teases writing 'Book of all books' and Twitter users can wait. HuffPost.

This article addresses a statement recently shared by Donald Trump, stating that he is writing a new book. Donald Trump in his statement stated that he is “writing like crazy” to produce what he said will turn out to be “the book of all books.” Twitter users took it to the platform to mock the idea of him coming up with the book of all books. Most think it is a joke, and that there would be no greater book than those existing including the Bible and Encyclopedia. In his statement, Trump also mentioned that he is working on a much more important project, but Twitter will not take that serious. It is 6 months since Trump was kicked out of the Twitter platform but conversations about him seem to be going on. Users continue to mention him and this has been a way of sharing his thoughts with the people even without being on the platform.

Good Karma for those who comment...