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Trump Joins Video Platform Rumble

Trump Joins Video Platform Rumble

Culliford E. (2021 Jun 26). Trump joins video platform Rumble ahead of Ohio rally. Reuter:

The article reports that the former president Donald Trump joined Rumble, a video platfrom on a Saturday. It was on the same day that he was intending to have a campaign-like rally in Ohio. This was his first public event after the January 6th event where the civil unrest lead to the attack on the S capital. The decision was made after Donald Trump’s ban on major social media sites such as Twitter (his primary tool of communication), Facebook and YouTube. The author further quotes Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington that joining Rumble is one of the primary goals that the president has in establishing an independent and personal platform rather than having his presence restored in the platforms he was banned. According to Trump, this is the best alternative to counter those limiting the American’s freedom of speech. Rumble chief executive officer also confirmed that indeed Trump has a verified account with the company.  

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