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Trump Left the Seat but It Feels Like He Hasn’t Really Left

Trump Left the Seat but It Feels Like He Hasn’t Really Left

Bauder, D. (2021, February 4). Media grapples with how to cover Trump after White House. AP NEWS.

According to Bauder, exactly two weeks after Trump left the president seat but it feels like he hasn’t really left. In his tenure, he defied the tradition of former falling off the radar upon successor's inauguration and despite the closure of his favored means of communication, Twitter. Kelly McBride, National Public Radio public editor said that it's virtually impossible to stop covering trump. On November 8th after many organizations recognized Joe Biden as winner of 2020 elections, Psychology Today posted a plea on their website saying "People in the Media: Please Stop Talking About Donald Trump." McBride wrote a column headlined, “With a new president sworn in, should journalists now ignore Trump?” She concluded no, but urged news organizations to avoid going overboard. Stories related to Trump got nearly four times as much traffic as stories about Biden in an analytics and advertising company Taboola website in January. The author adds that television networks that have enjoyed unprecedented ratings over the past five years during Trump's presidency are definitely concerned of what will happen without Trump to talk about. After office, the media is worried how they will cover Trump news because they have to cover him.


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