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Trump Loves Exclamation Marks!!!

Trump Loves Exclamation Marks!!!

Gilmer, M. (2016, December 22). Donald Trump loved exclamation points in 2016 almost as much as he loves himself (!!!). Retrieved from

The author, Marcus Gilmer, writes about president trump’s use of the exclamation lingo “!” in his tweets. He proposes that President Trump uses abusive social media content and he focuses on the exclamation point. The author uses tweets from the Trump twitter archive to prove his point. The tweets reveal that trump often uses exclamation point in a tweet. The author also refers to the Chicago manual which pointed out that the use of the exclamation point should be limited to maintain effectiveness. The authors continue to analyze and criticize president Trump’s use of the exclamation. In some instances, president trump uses more than one exclamation mark in his tweets. The author focuses on such weaknesses and inappropriate use of the exclamation point in the tweets. He shows how the points make the information unclear for instance FIX!, are offensive and often misplaced by using them on the wrong words.  

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