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Trump May Not Have Incited Riot, Former Pentagon Official Says

Trump May Not Have Incited Riot, Former Pentagon Official Says

Gerstein, J. (2021, May 12). ‘I have reassessed’: Former Pentagon official now says Trump may not have incited riot. POLITICO.

Early May, two top Trump officials testified that Trump never contacted them on Jan 6 when rioters overran the U.S Capitol. Infront of the House Oversight Committee, former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said that tey had no interaction with Trump during the riot.  Rosen stated that i did not require any authorities that the department didn’t already have. Miller said that he had the authority he needed and knew what was to happen. Maloney said that he thinks the lack of direct communication from Trump speaks volumes. Miller was accused by the Democrats of changing his account to sound more favorable to Trump. Rosen was faulted for failure to discuss his direct conversations with Trump. Miller's account was shocking as many expected him to confirm that Trump encouraged the January 6 riots, but he took a different tack in his testimony. Miller Infront of the committee stated that he has reassessed and it is clear that there was already an organized assault element in place and the assault would have happened regardless of what Trump said.

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