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Trump Opens an Office in Florida Supposedly to Manage his Public Appearances

Trump Opens an Office in Florida Supposedly to Manage his Public Appearances  

Aldridge, B. (2021 Mar, 30). Trump launches ‘45th President of the United States website’. McClatchy:

According to this article, Donald Trump launched a new web platform that he could use to keep in touch with his followers. The author reports that President Trump launched the website “” which allows people to engage with his administration. The two primary features include allowing people to share comments, request an appearance or a greeting. The platform has a section that shows brief summaries of the former first lady Melania Trump’s white house activities. The new sight came into existence during the period when Donald Trump had been banned on major social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The primary reason for the ban was that Trump violated the terms of service on these platforms by posting what was believed to be hateful content that made his supporters to violently protest and launch an attack on the US capitol. The attack targeted the building that was being used by the congress to certify the president-elect Joe Biden’s victory. After the ban, Donald Trump opened an office in Florida that was supposed to manage his public appearances. His absence on social media prompted a research firm to conduct a survey which indicated that a majority of the American population supported the ban.    

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