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Trump Owned by His Old Tweet?

Trump Owned by His Old Tweet?  

Weindling, J., & Ryan, S. (2017, November 10). 100 times Trump owned himself with a tweet from his past. Retrieved from

This article explores 100 tweets posted by Trump in the past that has come back to haunt him in the future as the president of the United States. According to the authors, Donald Trump had developed a habit of criticizing anyone that he did not like on the social media. In fact, President Obama was among the Twitter users in his favorite list of criticism. Trump would often lash out at the black president at every opportunity he got, to the extent of creating a conspiracy theory against Obama. Fast forward into the future, Donald Trump becomes the president of the United States. Unfortunately for him, all the criticisms that he leveled at his predecessor have resurrected to torment his regime. In fact, when his past tweets are viewed in the present political context, it would appear as if Donald Trump is ruthlessly attacking himself. This article is useful in understanding Trump’s political history.

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