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Trump Posts Literally Anything that Crosses His Mind?

Does Trump Post Literally Anything that Crosses His Mind?

Michaels, A. (2017, January 27). Can President Trump tweet whatever he wants? Retrieved from

This article provides an analysis of whether Donald Trump should be allowed to tweet anything, given that he is the sitting president of the United States. Trump is indeed the first president to use his personal Twitter account interchangeably as the official government account. Unlike his predecessor, president Barrack Obama, Trump is known to post literally anything that crosses his mind including grudges and insults. Such conduct makes many people wonder whether his dominating presence on Twitter is presidential. While a good fraction of Americans find his Twitter posts to be sincere and inspirational, there are others who are deeply concerned with his compulsive tweeting behavior since it distracts him from focusing on his agenda for the country. However, despite the numerous criticisms levelled against him, it is very unlikely that Trump would stop tweeting soon. This article provides a contrastive analysis of Trump’s tweeting behavior against that of Obama.

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