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Trump Sends 1415 Tweets in a Month Ahead of 2020 Elections

Trump Sends 1415 Tweets in a Month Ahead of 2020 Elections

Vazquez, M. Hickey C. Krishnakumar P & Boschma J. (2020 Dec 18). Donald Trumps Presidency by the numbers. CNN:

According to the author, Donald Trump’s tweeting activities has been outstanding in the American history. Even though Barack Obama was the first American president to use social media for communication, Donald Trump’s use of Twitter was phenomenal. It is believed that Trump could tweet an average of 18 tweets in a day. In the last month before election, Trump tweeted 1415 times. During the Trump administration, there was a 91% turnover rate. There was 13 departures in Trumps cabinet. One of the most affected positions was the Communications Director which was left vacant 7 times during Trump’s presidency. Antony Scaramucci was the shortest communications director having served for only 7 days. It is also reported that Donald Trump appointed more judges than any other president since carter. In his final year as the president, it is recorded that he had more executive actions than his last two predecessors. During the outbreak of the pandemic, Trump’s administration was criticized since it had 23% of the global infections and 19% of the total deaths. While Trump criticized Obama for his golfing habits, it has been reported that Trump spent 77 days per year on golf. Trump is the third president to have had his associates implicated on legal cases after Reagan and Nixon. In general, Trump’s administration has had outstanding series of events.  

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