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Trump Should Be Able to Block Anyone He Wishes to Block?

Trump Should Be Able to Block Anyone He Wishes to Block?

Robb, R. (June 3, 2018). Robb: Donald Trump should be able to block whoever he wants on Twitter. Retrieved from

This article analyzes the First Amendments requirements stating that, “The First Amendment protects anyone who wants to criticize Trump. But it shouldn’t require Trump to provide them the forum to do it in.” Applying the First Amendment needs its understanding in simple terms because free speech is for every American citizen to the “right to say and write what we want about what we want.” It therefore, follows that one does not have to seek an audience when enjoying the right say or write what they want as there is no right to let it be published in any given space, like Twitter. The government needs to be neutral on issues that concern protests and going by how many followers President Donald Trump has on Twitter, 52.3 million, it is right to say that he has built his Twitter feed into a massive forum. Additionally, Trump was at liberty to block anyone even before he became the president and hence his Twitter feed is public forum, but not a place where one is given the right to hear or be heard.

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