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Trump Takes Up a Post-Presidency Hobby

Trump Takes Up a Post-Presidency Hobby

Strauss, D. (2021, February 4). Donald Trump takes up a post-presidency hobby: Revenge. the Guardian.

According to the author, every American president after retire picks up a hobby after leaving office including painting, books, boxing, and skinny dipping. however, Trump picked up a rather unique hobby, revenge. Also, presidents are known to recede from public view, but Trump seemed uninterested in following that practice. Trump vowed take revenge on high-profile Republicans whom he considered were the main reason he is out of office. Some of the Republicans include, Brian Kemp of Georgia, Liz Cheney House Republican Conference chairwoman. Cheney is the highest-ranking member of her caucus to vote for impeaching

For Trump's allies, they are either keeping roles in the political campaign sphere to maintain Trumpism or beginning the siege on his opponents. The Republicans censored the senators who voted against Trump during the impeachment immediately. The author says that although Trump stayed out of the public view, he is likely to emerge in a few months, and to cement his influence he has not yet discounted the possibility of running in 2024. Also, the author suggests that anti-Trump sentiment is developing in the party especially after he served for one term only. The Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are said to be working to reclaim the republican party from Trump’s allies.


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