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Trump to Launch His Own Social Media Platform, TRUTH

Trump to Launch His Own Social Media Platform, TRUTH

Whitcomb D. (2021 Oct 21). Former U.S. president Donald Trump launches 'TRUTH' social media platform. Reuters:  

The author of this article reports that Donald Trump intends to launch a new social media platform called Truth Social. The company will operate as a merger between the Trump Media and Technology Group and SPAC (special acquisition company). This move comes after Donald Trump was banned from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Donald Trump still believes the move by the Tech giants to ban him was unfair way of silencing him. He raises the concern of the Taliban’s use of Twitter while he is easily censored when he tweets. The app is expected to offer different features such as news, entertainment, and podcasts. The ban came after January 6th violent riots that saw people attack the US capital. It was believed that people who participated in the riots were Donald Trump supporters who were acting based on the incitement from his tweets. At the time of the agreement between the two companies, the Trump Media &Technology Group was valued at 875 million dollars.  

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