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Trump to Lose Special Twitter Protection in January 2021

Trump to Lose Special Twitter Protection in January 2021

Reuters. (2020, November 8). Trump Will Lose Special Twitter Protections in January. U.S. News.

In November 2020, Reuters reported that Trump would lose his special Twitter protections come January. Reuters said that Trump would be subject to the same twitter rules like other ordinary users after the president elect Joe Biden takes office. In 2020, Trump tweets began being flagged with warning labels. the first-time trump's tweet was flagged was in May 2020. The tweet was flagged behind a public interest label. Flagging of tweets or hiding tweets behind warning labels is for government officials only. However, the rules are different when it comes to an ordinary user. The tweet would be removed from Twitter completely. This will be the case for Trump’s account in January after Joe Biden assumes office. @realDonaldTrump account would lose its special protection.


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