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Trump to Make a Comeback on Social Media with New Platform

Trump to Make a Comeback on Social Media with New Platform

The Associated Press. (2021 Mar 21). Donald Trump plans social media return with his own platform. NBCNEWS:

Following his ban after the January 6 incident, president Trump is expected to be back on social media. According to Jason Miller, Trump’s senior advisor and a former spokesperson in the 2020 campaign Donald Trump is expected to make a comeback on social media with a totally new platform. It is believed that Trump would have control of the platform and be free to post or share content in the manner he desires without the fear of being banned. However, Miller did not provide further details on Trump and other Trump organization officials.  It is also reported that Facebook and Twitter are under scrutiny following Trump’s ban and how they generally handle politicians and government officials’ accounts. Facebook, which was also one of the platforms that banned Trump in January 2021 requested for an independent oversight committee that would decide whether the ban should lifted or left as it is.  

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