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Trump to Use His Own Platform to Come Back on Social Media

Trump to Use His Own Platform to Come Back on Social Media

Pengelly, M. (2021 Mar 21). Trump will use ‘his own platform’ to return to social media after twitter ban. The Guardian:

The author of this article reports that Donald Trump intends to launch his own social media platform. This decision follows Trump’s social media ban that occurred in January 2021. Platforms such as Twitter could no longer allow Trump to Tweet since he violated the platforms code of conduct. According to Twitter, Trump’s hateful comments incited his supporters to riot and launch an attack on the US capitol targeting the congress that was certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. There are speculations on whether Trump would also launch a Television Network. It is believed that once Trump makes up his mind, he would move with millions of his followers to the new platform. A series of events also followed the January 6 incident including an impeachment. The article further highlights Trump’s relevance in politics citing his involvement in endorsing a candidate in Georgia which is believed to influence the victory during the elections.  

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