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Trump Tweet About Unemployment Statistics

Trump Tweet About Unemployment Statistics

Kopf, D. (2018, January 16). Trump’s tweets about black unemployment miss a major point: incarceration. Retrieved from  

The article gives a brief history of Donald Trump’s concern for the rate of black unemployment making it clear that it is a subjected that he has been interested in from 2011. To back up this information, an example of one of his tweets on the subject in 2013 is provided; “Unemployment is plaguing both Black and Hispanic youths. Very troubling.” Another tweet from Donald Trump in 2018 is analyzed; “Unemployment for Black Americans is the lowest ever recorded. Trump approval ratings with Black Americans has doubled.” According to the author, Trump is actually right except that the government statistics do not include people who were incarcerated. The author further elaborates that if the incarcerated people were to be counted under those who are unemployed, then the statistics would differ greatly. This article is an argumentative piece with very clear elaborations that are simple and easy to understand. The article is also captivating.

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