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Trump Tweeted 2,461 Times in His First Year of Presidency

Trump Tweeted 2,461 Times in His First Year of Presidency

Estepa, J. (2017, November 7). Trump has tweeted 2,461 times since the election. Here's a breakdown of his Twitter use. Retrieved from

Estepa’s article provides an in-depth analysis of Trump’s usage of Twitter during his first year as the president of the United States. While many people wondered whether Trump’s presidential election victory would quell down his unrelenting social media presence, it is clear that his rise to power had negligible impact on his Twitter usage. As was the case in the past, Trump continues to his personal Twitter account to elicit numerous national conversations. On average, the president posts at most seven tweets per day expressing his thoughts on different topics. Estepa records that the president has managed to tweet more than 2,461 times during a one-year span since the presidential election in November 2016. A close inspection of the Trump Twitter Archive reveals that the president mainly used his Twitter account to criticize ‘fake news’ outlets such as the CNN, CBS, and NBC News. Additionally, the president has used the website to make major national announcements such as the Transgender ban and the hiring of John Kelly.  

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