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Trump Tweeted First Time on His Account in 2011?

Trump Tweeted First Time on His Account in 2011?

Porter, M. (2017, November 3). Trump's first real tweet was on July 6, 2011. Retrieved from

The article points out that Trump’s tweets are quite outspoken when it comes to politics. It provides an elaboration for this by indicating that Trump was proudly endorsing birtherism on Fox News by March 2011 and yet it was never permeated into his twitter feed. The author has given strong evidence that indeed Donald Trump’s twitter feed is controlled. The team made it clear that they control the tweets and if at any given point a tweet is issued directly from Donald Trump, a clear message is sent to the public stating that the tweet is indeed directly from Donald Trump. The article further states that despite the fact that president Donald Trump’s tweet feed is controlled, it is still controversial and goes ahead to give examples like; The Desk of Donald Trump denouncing the Obama administration an issue which Americans had varied opinions on. The ultimate question according to this article is when Trump and his twitter feed aligned to become a dynamic duo.

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