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Trump Tweeting About Family During Work Hours

Trump Tweeting About Family During Work Hours

Bump, P. (2017, February 9). What President Trump is supposed to be doing while he’s tweeting. Retrieved from

This article by Philip Bump revolves around the issue of what trump should be doing when he is tweeting. One tweet in particular attracted a lot of questions among the public with regards to national security and whether the president was performing hi responsibilities as scheduled. This tweet was about his daughter. Claiming that his daughter had been treated unfairly when her cloth line was closed down by Nordstrom. This tweet had both lingo and exclamation point. Various issues came up since the tweet was posted at a time when according to the published schedule, the president was support to be attending an intelligence briefing. Tweeting in such a risky and secure place would mean that he is putting the country at risk. Then came the issue of his old phone that can easily be hacked followed by the schedule issue. Research however revealed that he only twitted from his phone during off work hours. A deeper research revealed that president Trump often post almost immediately before his day begins and immediately after his day as president ends.

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