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Trump Tweets Changed the Political Game

Trump Tweets Changed the Political Game

Collins, T., Able, A., & Holland, P. (2017, November 8). @realDonaldTrump's tweets have changed the political game. Retrieved from

In this article, Collins, Able, and Holland explain how President Trump’s social media presence has altered the political landscape. Indeed, one of the things that President Donald Trump would be remembered for is his behavior on Twitter. Notably, the current head of state in America is known to say everything and anything that crosses his mind. Trump’s tweets often hit many news headlines, if not dominating the social media platform through retweets, on a daily basis. Hence, it is easy to see why the authors label him as the Tweeter-in-Chief. Apart from attacking and threatening those whom he considers as enemies, Donald Trump frequently uses Twitter to engage with millions of his followers. Ever since he joined Twitter, Trump has extended the traditional boundaries of political activity and engagement to the internet. As a result, many political feuds, activity, and propaganda in America often find their way into the social media, thanks to Trump’s behavior.  

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