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Trump Tweets Highly Predictable and Promotional?

Trump Tweets Highly Predictable and Promotional?

Porter, M. (2017, November 3). Trump's first real tweet was on July 6, 2011. Retrieved from

In this article, Porter gives a detailed explanation of why he thinks that July 6, 2011, was marked Donald Trump’s tweets began to change. For two years since he joined Twitter, Donald Trump was not anywhere close to becoming the limelight of media houses that he is nowadays. Back then, Trump’s tweets were highly predictable since they were mainly promotional in nature. However, as of July 6, 2011, Trump’s tweeting tone shifted. Unlike the soft and flaccid tweets he used to post, that particular tweet was different. It had a political and authoritative voice.  According to the author, this was the time that Trump began his compulsive tweeting habits. Particularly, over the next several months of Twitter activity, Trump made it a daily habit to criticize Obama’s administration. When Trump realized that his tweet had attracted extensive media coverage, he was overwhelmed with the desire to post more and more comments. This article is important in understanding how the tweets of Donald Trump suddenly changed from 2011.

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