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Trump Twitter Activity, 2009-2017

Trump Twitter Activity, 2009-2017

The graph is dead. (2017). All Donald Trump’s Twitter activity since May 2009, and how it looks. Blue=negative, Red=positive. Retrieved from

This article is an analysis of how Donald Trump has been tweeting since May 2009 to April 2017 because the sentiments portrayed in the tweets differ over the stated period. It is through a visual showing both the positive and negative tweets because it is through words that the analysis was conducted. It is also important to note that throughout the period, there has been a change of the author thus depicting the difference on how Twitter is used as well as its content. Most of the different content was highlighted during the campaign period while recently, when using an Android phone, the tweets appear to be “more verbose and positive that the iPhone.” The article also reveals that the analysis was not focusing “on the meaning behind the language, but rather the tries to reveal an evolution of an inner dialogue, such that it is, of the now president of the USA.”  

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