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Trump Twitter Timeline

Trump Twitter Timeline

Leetaru, K. (2021 Jan 19). Trump’s Twitter Signature: A 12-Year Timeline. RealClear:
The author of this article presents a critical analysis of tweeting activities of Donald Trump. @realDonaldTrump twitter account was banned in January 2021 but 56,571 tweets have been archived. The author presents different graphs showing various aspects of Donald Trump’s twitter activities since 2009. For example, there is a graph that shows the number of tweets per week since he joined twitter. It is reported that he increased his tweeting frequency from around 2012 when he was discussing more political topics such as the presidential elections. There is also an analysis of his personal tweets, mentions and retweets. The author further discusses Donald Trump’s tone that was deemed negative and positive in his tweets. According to this article, Donald Trump used positive tone more frequently than the negative tone. In conclusion, the author notes that Donald Trump’s persona changed from celebrity to candidate then finally to president highlighting how these situations influenced his tweeting behavior.  

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