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Trump Used Personal Account Instead of @POTUS on Twitter

Trump Used Personal Account Instead of @POTUS on Twitter

Wills, A., & Love, A. (2018, June 6). All the President's tweets. Retrieved from

In this article, the authors compile a list of all the president’s tweets in Twitter. When Trump was inaugurated into office, he was assigned the @POTUS Twitter handle as the official government’s social media account. However, it did not take long to realize that the president intended to use his personal Twitter account even for official purposes. What is more, the president chose Twitter as his primary medium of communication with the American people. Twitter provides a unique way in which leaders could engage with their followers directly. This explains why the president decided to retain his personal account. Nonetheless, this move has blurred the line of distinction between official and unofficial presidential statements since both of them come out from the same account. This article compiles a list of all Trumps’ tweets, including the most outrageous ones, since he became the president of the United States in late January 2017.

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