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Trump Used Twitter as His Most Preferred Medium of Communication

Trump Used Twitter as His Most Preferred Medium of Communication

Friederichsen, P. (2016, December 5). For Trump, the medium pushing the message is Twitter - NY Daily News. Retrieved from

In this article, Friederichsen notes that electronic media greatly outshines the print media since it has the capacity to reach a wide audience within a short duration. The author believes that most communication efforts, if not all, often serve the purpose of persuading a given target audience. As a matter of fact, the communication efforts for a president are not different. The president ought to find a suitable way of connecting with his nation in order to sell his agenda to the people. Looking at the American political history, different presidents have demonstrated different preferences to their medium of conveying messages. Hence, in this digital age, President Trump decided to use Twitter as his preferred medium of communication, since he uses the platform to interact with the nation through unfiltered and direct messages. The author suggests that the use of Twitter has become Donald Trump’s stronghold as he will go down in history as the ‘first social media president.’  

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