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Trump Vows to Stop Using Twitter If He Became President

Trump Vows to Discontinue Using Twitter If He Became President

Hughes, R. (2018, January 21). Trump's year in his 2,608 Tweets. Who has he criticized and praised the most? Retrieved from

Hughes’ article provides an insight into Donald Trump’s tweeting behavior a year later after he was sworn in as the president of the United States of America in January 2017. The author notes that during one of his campaigns in Rhode Island, Trump vowed to discontinue using Twitter if he became president since such an act would be unpresidential. To the dismay of many people, Trump failed to honor his promise after was sworn into office. Instead, he has been unrelenting in posting on Twitter, sending nearly 2608 tweets during his first year in office. In fact, the president often defends his Twitter addiction by claiming that it is modern-day presidential. An in-depth analysis of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed in the past year reveals that he has developed the tendency to either praise those whom he likes or to dismiss his opponents and critics. This article shows that Trump’s tweets are most critical as opposed to complimentary.

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