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Trump Wants Judge to Force Twitter to Restart His Account

Trump Wants Judge to Force Twitter to Restart His Account

Sharma A. (2021, Oct 4). Trump asks US judge to force Twitter to restart his account. Reuters.

According to the author of this article, the former US president Donald Trump was asking the court to order Twitter to reinstate his Twitter account after the ban in early 2021. Twitter justified the decision by stating that Donald Trump’s tweets were against the platform’s terms and conditions in what they termed “glorification of violence”. Prior to the ban, there was a reported incident where people who were believed to be his supporters participated in a violent riot that ended with a deadly attack on the U.S Capital. In his defense, Donald Trump argued that twitter was allowing the Taliban to tweet about their military victories while he was being censored and his tweets labeled as misleading or violation of the company’s rules. In July 2021, Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, Google and their respective chief executives with an allegation that he was unlawfully silenced because of his conservative viewpoints.  

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