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Trump’s 2012 Election Tweetstorm Resurfaces

Trump’s 2012 Election Tweetstorm Resurfaces  

Kesley, A. (November 9, 2016). Donald Trump’s 2012 Election Tweetstorm Resurfaces as Popular and Electoral Vote Appear Divided. Retrieved from

This article addresses the underlying issue of a presidential election in America where the popular vote and the Electoral College do not appear to be unanimous, but divided. “Though Donald Trump eclipsed the 270 electoral vote threshold early Wednesday morning, earning the Republican a concession call from Hillary Clinton and the title of president-elect, the vote count has continued through the day with results showing Clinton taking a lead in the popular vote.” This happened during the 2016 presidential election and to his surprise, Trump was elected President of the United States of America. The article continues to expound on the point that in 2000, the same happened between AI Gore and George W. Bush, and “Since then, the function of the electoral college itself has frequently been called into question and is receiving renewed scrutiny as Clinton’s total mounts.” It is a great display of irony at play because Trump tweeted saying that, “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” However, when he won the election, there was no dispute of any kind whatsoever.

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